Included in Your Subscription

  • Custom-Branded iOS Application – Native App/Camera

  • Custom-Branded Android Application – Native App/Camera

  • Custom-Branded Web Application – Custom Portal with Branded URL for both Patient and Provider Access

  • Welcome Program: Provider Video Bios, Forms, Directions/Parking, Clinic Policies

  • HIPAA-Compliant Messaging Platform – Text, Video and Image Messaging

  • Physiotec’s Library of Over 20K Exercises

  • Unlimited Custom Video Uploads – Both Personalized Uniquely to Patient and Also General Library Availability

  • Unlimited Number of Patients

  • Unlimited Goal Progression Videos to Track Progress

  • Accountability Calendars – Shared by both Provider and Patient

  • In-App Referral to Friends/Family

  • Powerful In-App Marketing Features – Patient Satisfaction Surveys on Your schedule, NPS Survey on Discharge, Most Satisfied Patients Linked to Reviews/Testimonials Sites

  • Motivational Features, including Compliance Points and Custom Rewards

  • Unlimited Types of Content Delivery – Exercises, Education, Nutrition, Wellness etc.

  • Relationship Management of Discharged Patients To Stay Connected

  • Free Training

  • Unlimited Support

Price Your Plan by Therapists

AC Health is the easiest way to deliver customized care. Modernize your practice — and increase your bottom line.


$150per month
  • App Development Fee – $300
  • 1 Therapist


$199per month
  • App Development Fee – $300
  • 2-6 Therapists


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Speech & Language Therapy

The patients are enjoying that it is user friendly.  It has saved me time and it is easy for me to keep up with patients.  We are looking forward to implementing prizes and rewards.

Alizah Shahar, MS, CSS-SLP, OMT

TASL Speech Therapy Consultants
Amy McMillin

Mobile Physical Therapy

My patients love the personalized exercise plan and visual reference of their program. [The] AC Health App is a game changer for patient compliance and ease of doing PT.

Amy McMillin PT,

Custom Care Rehab
Kelly Shannon DPT

Mobile Physical Therapy

Definitely check out AC Health. I have been using it and the patients love it. Way more customizable and unique compared to all the other HEP programs I have used.

Kelly Shannon DPT,

Wellness on Wheels Physical Therapy
Cindy Weinberger

Mobile Physical Therapy

Using AC Health has been a game changer for issuing home exercise programs. My patients absolutely love it and tell me how great it is to not have to look for their exercise handouts. Also, the fact that the exercises are personalized videos makes them much easier for the patient to understand. Love this app!

Cindy Weinberger OT/L, CHT,

Mobile Therapy Group
Megan MacCutcheon

Perinatal Mental Health

I am loving using the ACHealth App! It has really helped to keep me organized. One of my problems historically has been not remembering who I assigned what to, so the App has been helping me keep track with everything all in one place. I can easily see which exercises each client is working on without having to dig back through old notes.

Megan MacCutcheon LPC,

Vienna Counseling
Sara Sohn PT, DPT, WCS

“Physical Therapy”

My patients love it!

Sara Sohn PT, DPT, WCS,

Knockout Physical Therapy
Julie Guthrie PT, DPT, OCS

Physical Therapy

We are really enjoying the AC Health App and the patients are, as well!

Julie Guthrie PT, DPT, OCS

Synergie PT
Lisa Moore DPT

Cancer Rehab & Wellness

I just had a zoom meeting demo with AC Health app and absolutely love it!!!! Hands down the best thing I’ve seen. And easy to use.

Lisa Moore DPT,

Reach Cancer Rehab and Wellness
Lee DeCouteau SLP

“Speech & Language Therapy”

I have to say I’m pretty impressed with this! I feel like my sessions are smoother without me having to look for a generic exercise.

Lee DeCouteau SLP,

Pathways SLP
Brad Harding PT, MPT, Cert MDT, Cert DN

Massage & PT

Your app is so easy to use, just what I was looking for. The other ones do not have exactly what I am looking for and adding a custom exercise takes way too long.

Brad Harding PT, MPT, Cert MDT, Cert DN,

My Personal PT
Dr. Jared Hutchens PT, DPT, ATC, LAT

Concierge Physical Therapy

This app is unlike any other patient engagement app – it actually changes results and has had a huge effect on our clinic by lowering our drop-offs significantly.

Dr. Jared Hutchens PT, DPT, ATC, LAT,

Hutch Health Services
Tracey Vincel PT, M-PHTY, CBBA

Physiotherapy & Wellness

My experience with AC Health has been beneficial for all staff in my facility as well as patients. Our patients get better faster and feel more supported by us. It was important for me to be able to archive an exercise as our patients come back in after being re-injured. AC Health added the feature just for me!

Tracey Vincel PT, M-PHTY, CBBA,

Knosis Physiotherapy and Wellness