How Telehealth Increases Patient Engagement 

A national consumer study among more than 2,000 adults to measure usage and sentiment towards telehealth, has revealed that 66% of consumers are willing to implement telehealth systems into their healthcare routine. This high adoption rate gives insight into the future of managing access for patients outside of a hospital setting. Adoption rates increase further when telehealth apps, such as AC Health, are recommended by a trusted health care provider.

Telehealth patient engagement is important because patients who take a hands-on role in learning and managing their illness can see better results and feel in control. AC Health and other patient engagement tools help overcome barriers and allows physicians to reinforce treatment adherence.

Benefits of Telehealth Patient Engagement   

  • Allows patients to take an active role in their healthcare management while decreasing costs for physicians and patients
  • Increases access to medical treatment in rural/remote settings or to those with limited options of transportation
  • Helps patients avoid stigma due to illness and receive treatment from the privacy of home
  • Increases access to specialized care when managing a chronic illness
  • Provides caregiver/ in-home support for elderly or differently-abled patients  

Patient Engagement Ideas for Healthcare Providers 

  • Use AC Health or similar apps to create uniquely personalized plans tailored to individual needs
  • Get patients involved in setting their own health care goals and send reminders to keep them on track
  • Implement telehealth systems to provide better personalized care to all
  • Use mobile/email communications to send test results, appointment prompts, and to check in on progress
  • Offer support groups or peer support from someone experiencing similar issues, a sense of community can make an illness feel less isolating
  • Provide additional patient education resources
  • In certain circumstances, shift focus from individual engagement to family engagement especially for elderly patients

Patients are more likely to engage if doctors make the initial effort and provide them with the right kind of support. Telehealth is a tool to close the patient care access gap outside of a hospital setting and AC Health can help.