How AC Health Automates Your Claim Submission

Enroll Patient

At the Evaluation, simply add the patient in your Clinic’s Branded HEP app. They will receive an automatic email from your clinic describing how to download your Clinic’s app and find their exercises.

16 Day Automatic

After 16 days of monitoring, each patient’s RTM report will be available in their profile page. We track every time they open the app to complete their exercises.

Submit Claim and Receive

Attach the RTM Patient Report to your CMS-1500 claim form and receive your reimbursements.

AC Health Pays For Itself!

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring benefits both patient and provider. Having an easy way to stay in touch where they watch their exercise videos between appointments deepens the patient’s commitment to follow their treatment plan.

The results? Better Outcomes. More Referrals. Higher Satisfaction Ratings. Stellar Reviews. Happier employees/PTs who see greater results and get more appreciation from patients.

AC Health delivers more revenue and more patient satisfaction.

How It Works

1 RTM Patient Management

As soon as your enroll a patient, they will be automatically added to your RTM Management screen.

2 Track Your Interactions

Click Log Interaction to fill out the form each time a phone call or video call is completed with a patient.

(Only a single interaction is required to submit a claim for CPT Code 98977.)

3 Code turns blue? You are ready to submit!

As soon as the remote monitoring activity has reached the requirements for submitting a claim, that code number will change from grey to blue.

4 Generate Report

Click Generate Report to bring up all of the interactions that AC Health is remotely monitoring every time the patient and provider enter the patient’s Care Plan.

5 Submit Claim and Receive

As soon as you indicate that the RTM Patient Report has been submitted with your CMS-1500 claim form, the patient view returns the codes to grey.

Add $897/mo/therapist to your bottom line with Remote Therapeutic Monitoring Codes

This is calculated based on 13 CMS evaluations/wk/therapist. CPT Code 98975 currently reimburses $19.38**/patient for the set-up and education of the AC Health HEP Patient Engagement platform. A claim can be submitted after 16 days 0f activity after the initial evaluation. This is a single-use code. CPT Code 98977 currently reimburses $55.72**/patient for the monitoring of patient activity in the device. This can be submitted once per 30 days.

**Varies by locality

CPT Codes 98980 and 98981 can subsequently be submitted for remote monitoring of patient in 20-minute increments.