Private Practice: Faster Custom Video Uploads

Brian E. PT runs a clinic in Connecticut that treats a diverse patient population. He believes that video instructions of his home exercise programs lead to faster recovery and better outcomes for his patients. The personalization also increased his referrals from orthopedists. However, he kept running into problems:

Patients complained that the videos were taking up too much memory on their phones so they would erase them before they finished their treatment

Brian had no way to capture the exercises that he had prescribed so he couldn’t add them to the patient’s file

Brian had no way to edit an HEP remotely when the patient could not come in or was away.

Brian was so overwhelmed with running his clinic, seeing patients and having a personal life that he barely had time to look for a solution. What he found were libraries of generic video exercises so he’d have to spend more time after each appointment to add custom exercises. He was disappointed and frustrated.

Brian discovered AC Health through one of his patients and signed up for a trial. AC Health was different than everything else because it was made for providers who wanted to give only personalized exercises to their patients. After a week, he suddenly realized that he hadn’t had to correct a single patient’s form; they had all actually watched each video that had been uploaded during their sessions. Patients asked why he hadn’t given AC Health to them when they were in treatment for a previous injury. Since then, Brian has used Ac Health with over 700 patients.