Private Practice: Women’s Health Privacy

Tina E. is a PT with a specialty in women’s pelvic health. Given that many of her patients need their exercises accompanied by photos to educate them about parts of their bodies that are generally kept private, Tina spent a great deal of time photocopying paper images to use as general education. Her patients continued to have a hard time performing the exercises properly themselves.

Patients were uncomfortable bringing the photos home.

Patients felt that their situation and diagnosis was unique and wanted a similarly personalized treatment.

Tina did not have the time during a standard appointment to go over every component of the treatment.

Tina would only consider technologies that were HIPAA-Compliant so that removed anything that used email. She was also so busy in her practice that she did not want a program that made her spend time between patients to create their HEP. One of the only experts in her area for pelvic health, Tina was often tired and overwhelmed with her patient load, struggling to keep her focus on value-based care.

Tina learned about AC Health from another physical therapist with whom she attended school. She uploaded diagrams accessible to all of her patients in her channel. During an appointment, she took photos and videos private to the patient on their own phone. Tina has found that the AC Health app  has answered all of her patient’s needs, leading them to better outcomes in a cost-effective and HIPAA-compliant digital tool.