Private Practice: Customized Patient Videos

Dr. Brad W. has run a very large chiropractic and sports medicine clinic outside of Boston since 2002. Certified in Active Release Techniques (ART), Dr. Brad continues to broaden his treatment techniques so that he and his team can personalize the treatment for every patient. He spent many hours recording videos of his practice’s unique exercises. However, he kept running into problems:

His videos were uploaded to a Wistia channel so that he could track usage but the cost was very high.

To prescribe videos for his patient’s home exercise program, he used a laptop during the session and show them where they were on the PHC website and write down the names which often got lost.

His patients rarely took the time to watch the videos on the website, though he continued adding them.

Since the exercises were on his website, he saw that they were being watched by people all over the world and yet he couldn’t collect their email addresses to partner with them financially.

Dr. Brad knew that his method for delivering the exercise videos was time-consuming, inefficient and expensive. He wanted to provide his patients state-of-the-art personalized treatment, but struggled with finding an alternative delivery method.

Dr. Brad discovered AC Health through a family friend and scheduled a training session at his clinic. His team spent 45 minutes in training. Since AC Health had YouTube/Wistia automatic uploading, the videos – numbering over 100 – were quickly added and his patients received their email to download the app the following day. Now that he could add personalized directions for an exercise to each patient by simply swiping left, Dr. Brad knew that AC Health would be a powerful delivery method for his videos. Since then, Dr. Brad has onboarded over 70 patients in less than a month. His mission to give state-of-the art care to relieve pain without medication or surgery has a new partner.