Compare Physitrack with AC Health

How many of your patients actually use the PhysiApp?

Compare Medbridge & AC Health :  Physical Therapist’s Needs

1. Saves Time

Need to change an exercise or edit the reps?

With AC Health, it’s no problem! Just swipe left and make the change right there.

With Medbridge, you have to go into the program, make the change and then send another email to the patient.

2. No Extra Work

When your patient leaves, are you done?

With AC Health, when the appointment is done, you’re done. No more logging in to your computer to send exercises.

With Medbridge, your have to print out or send a new email. And don’t you hate it when they say they lost the print outs and could you please reprint everything?

3. Ready for Notes

Is the exercise you sent home the best clinically?

 With AC Health, each exercise is unique to your patient and all  patients’ HEPs are together in your app for easy access.

With Medbridge, you must choose from the library. Is it exactly what is best for your patient? Often, it’s just the closest to best.

Compare Medbridge & AC Health:  Patient’s Needs

1. Find My Exercises Fast

If your patient can’t find their exercises, they won’t do them. Remove the friction!

With the simple AC Health app, patients access their custom exercises in one-click. The app automatically opens up to their plan.

With Medbridge, patients have to find their print outs or search for the email before they can even start.

2. Give Me A Video


With AC Health, your patients are reminded how to perform the exercise perfectly by watching what YOU told them as often as they need to.

With Medbridge, your patients watch a healthy model who has none of their pain perform the exercise slightly differently than you showed them.

3. I Am Not Like Anyone Else

There would be no need for PT’s if everyone was prescribed “generic exercise 123”

With AC Health, personalized, patient-centered care is a reality. What is more patient-centered than a treatment designed specifically for each patient?

With Medbridge, you are simply like everyone else.

I discovered AC Health through a family friend and scheduled a training session. I was able add personalized directions for an exercise to each patient by simply swiping left and automatically knew that AC Health would be a powerful delivery method for my videos. Since then, I’ve onboarded over 70 patients in less than a month. My mission to give state-of-the art care to relieve pain without medication or surgery has a new partner.

Dr. Brad W., Chiropractic & Sports Medicine Clinic

Video instructions of home exercise programs lead to faster recovery and better outcomes for patients. AC Health is different than everything else because it was made for providers who wanted to give only personalized exercises to their patients. The personalization also increased my referrals from orthopedists. Patients have been asking why they hadn’t been given AC Health when they were in treatment for a previous injury.

Brian E., Total Body Physical Therapy

Before AC Health, I tried to find a technology that was HIPPA-Compliant without making me spend time between patients to create their HEP.  I was often tired and overwhelmed with my patient load, struggling to keep my focus on value-based care. Luckily, I found that the AC Health technology has answered all of my patient’s needs, leading them to better outcomes in a cost-effective and HIPAA-compliant digital tool.

Tina E., Women's Health

How AC-Health takes a different approach

hep2go exercise

Medbridge, Physitrak, Keet Health, your HEP… each one of these is a library-based home exercise program. And each of them is generally ignored by patients.

AC Health is designed to take advantage of digital technology in the same way that Instagram and Snapchat do – by making it easy, fast and inexpensive to upload personalized content. That unique customization shows patients that you are not simply sending them home with a run-of-the-mill exercise, but one that you — as a trained clinician — have designed specifically for them. Every patient believes they are unique and is looking for a relationship with a provider that agrees with them. That provider is trusted. That provider is revered. Be that provider.

1. Download the AC Health

Patient can download the IOS or Android app for free. They will access your branded channel using a numeric code without having to log in repeatedly! For patients, the channel is their private list of exercises added by you during their appointment or remotely. For PTs, the channel is your list of patients and their exercises. You can even load a library of your own exercises!

2. Your branded Channel is ready to use with your patients

Record custom exercises that are uniquely designed for each patient’s diagnosis. You trained for years to diagnose and treat patients who are recovering from surgery or an injury. Feel the satisfaction of treating each patient — based on their clinical presentation: body type, pain threshold and other singularities. Your expertise is what your patients need.

3. Experience 100% patient compliance

AC Health was designed by patients who lost the sheets of paper, couldn’t find the right email with attachments, and were afraid they were doing the exercise wrong — potentially hurting ourselves. AC Health is a video reminder of our trusted physical therapist’s exercise.
You bet we will comply!
We want to feel better!!

At AC Health, we know how much you care about your patients.

We’re so confident you and your patients will love the AC Health app that the first month is on us.