How Technology Impacts Therapy

Technology is an integral part of our society, which is why it should not be excluded from the physical/occupational therapy space. It is important for therapy clinics to understand the benefits and applications of technology. Here are 3 therapy technology tips to help you grow your practice.

1. Patients Use It – And So Should You

We’re living in an era of innovation, where there is a steady influx of technology. The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of the general public has been adopting and embracing these new technologies. In order to remain relevant in this digital age, PT/OT therapy clinics need to hop on the bandwagon. Patients will expect you to use these new tools in your office – and technology is also a great way to attract new patients.

2. Effective Communication is Key

Especially in healthcare offices, which are known for having long wait times, an effective communication system between patients and administrative staff, as well as between staff members, can make a big difference. Make sure all staff members have easy access to personal pagers or phones. This way, management is efficient, and you can keep tabs on employees at all times.

Most importantly, set up a quick way for patients to check-in or take care of other basic tasks that don’t require personalized help from staff. A popular choice is to designate tablets for this specific use. Another possibility is to use an app to stay in contact with patients and keep track of their physical and occupational therapy exercises.

3. Grow Your Online Presence

Over 80% of people make healthcare decisions based off of internet content. So, you should take advantage of this statistic and command a strong online presence.

Social Media

Don’t have a Facebook account for your physical/occupational therapy clinic yet? Get one. It is still the #1 most used social network. While you’re at it, get an Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn account too. With social media, you can reach an impressive amount of people — and many platforms offer targeted ads and customization so that you can make sure you’re reaching relevant users.

Online Reviews

According to a survey by Software Advice, 77% of patients use online reviews as their first step in finding a new doctor. Reviews are often seen as a reliable way of evaluating and understanding healthcare practitioners, especially because of the ability to hear others’ personal experiences.

Given the importance of online reviews, PT/OT clinics need to encourage patients to post reviews and share their experiences with others. A patient with a good experience at your clinic may tell a few of their friends through word-of-mouth, but a patient who leaves a glowing review on the worldwide web can attract hundreds more.

Send follow-up emails after appointments with links to leave online reviews, and make sure to remind patients to describe their thoughts and experiences in detail so that potential patients can better understand your clinic. You can also post some of these reviews as testimonials on your website to build credibility.


Newsletters are a great way to regularly engage your current patients. Some ideas for content include:

  • Exciting news or updates from your clinic, or an amazing breakthrough in the physical/occupational therapy industry
  • Special promotions to draw current patients back in, or referral rewards to get new patients
  • Information on your clinic’s services and what sets you apart
  • General healthcare tips and treatment methods that are useful in patients’ daily lives

Technology applications have the power to transform your clinic. The most important benefit that technology offers is the ability to reach an unprecedented amount of potential patients and to remain in contact with current patients through social media and newsletters. To learn more about PT/OT therapy technology, take advantage of signing up for a free account!