AC Health Improves Your Practice & Your Bottom Line

AC Health empowers physical therapists to provide quick and easy custom video instructions for each patient’s personal limitations and health goals, supporting the patient-centered best practices of the best PTs.

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Quick & Easy Custom Video Instructions

With a single tap in the App, you can record your patient performing their exercises during their regular appointment, providing verbal prompts and encouragement.

When you’re done, simply plug in the desired sets, reps, intensity, and written reminders — even take a picture of an exercise print out! — and with a quick swipe, it’s added to their custom Care Plan.

By the time your session is over, your patients will already have their completely custom HEP waiting in their private, personal App.

Have custom exercise programs you can’t find in generic video libraries? Then create your own!

AC Health offers unlimited free practice Libraries for you to preload your custom videos featuring yourself and your fellow therapists, rather than some random, perfect-looking stranger — all from your phone, no fancy editing required.

Thoughtful Integration of Behavior Modification Techniques

We consulted with world-renowned psychologists to discover the fundamental ways in which we could design AC Health to offer patients a “cheat sheet” to truly change their behaviors and increase their compliance between physical therapy sessions. Every part of the AC Health App includes thoughtful integration of these behavior modification techniques, including:

  • Personalized Patient Goals with videos, photos, and notes proving their improvement over the course of treatment. Progress can feel so slow that it’s hard to track between appointments. Now, prove to your patient that their hard work is paying off through visibly improved mobility, balance, and those simple daily life movements we all can take for granted.
  • Automatic gamification through our Badge system to incentivize patients to complete just one more exercise in their Care Plan.
  • Exercise reminders that fit with a patient’s — not a provider’s — schedule for max compliance.
  • Convenient communication that lets patients film a selfie video or take a photo to ask their provider between appointments, “Am I doing this right?” (Finally, you can see if they are!)
  • Personalized motivation from you, their trusted provider, through quick selfie-videos and check-ins to show them that you’re watching over them — and you’re proud of their progress.
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Personal & Private Communications

Stop offering patients your personal information and start protecting their private records through AC Health’s Messaging hub!

Our HIPAA-compliant platform offers unlimited secure video, photo, and text-based messages directly within the App between physical therapists and their patients. Now, you can keep all of your message chains in one convenient, private place while offering patients 24/7 access to your expertise — at your convenience.

Any video or photos are stored within the App, not your phone, so you don’t risk flashing a patient’s intimate exercise while scrolling through your photo roll.

Plus, with a single tap, you can make a habit of sending quick 30-second motivational selfie videosto remind your patients of their assigned exercises while showing that you truly care about them and their progress. AC Health empowers the best PTs to form deep, lasting relationships with their patients, boosting loyalty — and future referrals! — while increasing patient compliance and decreasing drop offs.

Not constantly in the App? No problem! Our system automatically sends email alerts to you and your patients, informing them of a new message in AC Health without revealing any of its contents.

Easy Navigation Encourages Repeated Use

AC Health was designed by a patient, for other patients. It’s the app Susannah Bailin wishes she had when she first started physical therapy for a frozen shoulder five years ago.

That’s why we made our App simple and easy to use for patients and providers alike, only including those features that actively enhance the patient experience and are directly requested by physical therapists like you!

Thanks to our first set of users, AC Health upgrades included:

  • Prebuilt custom Libraries for regularly assigned exercises for most of a practice’s patients
  • Reorganizing and hiding exercises to modify Care Plans without distracting patients with old instructions
  • In-App Read receipts of messages to ensure that communications were delivered and actually read!
  • The Customized Patient Goals screen that encourages extremely personal goals — “I want to put on my bra by myself” or “I want to sit on the floor with my grandkids without pain” — that transcend traditional patient improvement metrics.

AC Health’s simple, easy-to-navigate design encourages patients to repeatedly use it, while offering their physical therapists a behind-the-scenes look at how well their patients are complying with their HEPs.

In the end, patients need to complete their exercises, and you need to track their progress to prove better outcomes. Our App does that without twisting itself into knots to offer 24,3478 graphs only accessible through eight clicks.