How AC Health Helps Personalize Patient Care: Neuro & Vestibular Rehab Edition

Like their peers in outpatient orthopedics, therapists specializing in neurologic rehab prescribe home programs regularly to their patients. Unfortunately, traditional orthopedic exercise libraries just don’t pass muster in the neuro setting.

If you’re a neuro or vestibular specialist, you likely instruct your patients to practice activity-based tasks, emphasizing functionality with ADLs and IADLs. The home exercises you prescribe for vestibular rehabilitation may be highly involved and difficult to explain clearly in images or writing. Let’s consider how AC Health can help you simplify your home program prescription to improve patient adherence and outcomes.

Design Fully Customized Programs

As a skilled professional working in a complex field, you shouldn’t have to rely on non-specific sites like Pinterest to cobble together home programs for your patients. The AC Health app makes it easy to design and record custom instructions for your patients in real-time:

  • You’re teaching your patient a VOR cancel drill in tandem stance. Imagine if you could video them practicing the task in the moment, rather than scribbling confusing directions on a notepad.
  • Consider your patient who needs assistance to transfer safely from their bed into standing: what if you could simply record yourself providing that assist with proper guarding, and send that video home with the patient and their caregiver?

With AC Health, you can! The app’s live recording functionality allows you to simplify instructions for your patients and their caregivers, thereby decreasing confusion and improving adherence to your instructions.

Improve Patient Adherence

Neurologic and vestibular exercises often must be performed in high volume with high consistency to be effective, so it is critical for your patients to adhere to their home programs. The Activities tab on the AC Health app allows patients to record when they complete their exercises on a simple calendar. You can track their performance in your version of the app to encourage accountability and transparency.

Target Young Populations

Over the last decade, neuro and vestibular providers have been challenged by the increasing volume of adolescent patients in need of post-concussion rehabilitation. While rehabilitation is effective and important for the recovery of these patients, it can be challenging to communicate complex exercises to teens and retain their attention.

The AC Health app is the perfect bridge for your younger patients: they are tech-savvy and are already using their phones for hours each day. After these patients have recovered from the acute phase of concussion and can safely use screens again, app-based technology can be key to their recovery.

The AC Health app allows you to put yourself—your face, your voice, your personalized instruction—right in your patients’ pockets to encourage better participation in their neurologic rehabilitation. Start your free trial today and see how the app will change your practice!