those patients whose provider delivers their instructions through the AC Health App.

Therapists registered with AC Health are committed to the highest quality of care for their patients. If you are the patient of an AC Health partner you will be able to receive uniquely customized care to support your personal recovery and wellness.

You may access your care plan on your PC here:  AC Health (desktop version)  and create an account to begin.

Or by downloading the AC Health mobile app below from either Google Play or the App Store.

AC Health App on Google Play
AC Health App on App Store

Please follow these steps …

Step 1

Create Your Account

Download the AC Health App from the App Store or Google Play OR go to the website and create your account there.

*Use the same email that your provider uses.
Step 2

Agree to the Terms

Accept our Privacy Policy
and the Terms of Agreement.

Step 3

You’re Done!

Click View My Care Plan on your provider’s channel and start to accumulate points for following their instructions AND you can send video, photo, and text messages with any questions. PLUS you can set a reminder in your calendar and start a whole new experience with your therapist!