Case Study 4 — Multi-Location Clinic : Brand custom exercise videos

A sports medicine and physical therapy multi-location company is expanding quickly throughout the country. Their physical therapists use Medbridge’s exercise library and Heal2Go’s printed exercise sheets at their facilities to give patients their home exercise programs. Their mission is to brand their network as the clinic of choice to recover quickly. Given that 80% of recovery is based on a patient’s compliance, they are looking for new technologies to brand their personalized treatments.

However, their list of requirements are hard to meet:

Given the number of therapists across their growing network, the technology needs to be flexible to handle any treatment for any diagnosis without adding to the therapist’s workflow

Committed to speeding up recovery rates, the company needs a technology that tracks the efficacy of exercise protocols to share with their therapist network

Aligned with their culture for serving highly successful athletes with limited time, the technology needs to be very easy to learn and to use.

The company often tests new technologies, always on the look-out for the most effective tools to support their patient’s recovery. They discovered AC Health at a conference and were invited to a demo. After a quick meeting, their response was “This is a completely different approach from anything we’ve seen. How soon can we set up a pilot?”