Large Hospital System: Affordable without adding to provider workflow

A very large hospital system in a major metropolitan area has seen the demand for post-surgical and other related physical therapy rise significantly as the baby boomer generation remains very active and millennials spend billions on specialized fitness. Given that the supply of salaried PTs is limited, the hospital system has designed a Trusted Provider Network of vetted private therapy clinics to refer to their patients. They are looking for PT tools to support these clinics. However, they have found the following problems:

  1. The technology is standardized to printed exercises or generic video libraries, adding little value
  2. The technologies become very expensive when sold to an enterprise client, prohibiting pilots at a time when cost-cutting is a priority
  3. There is no data available to the hospital system about the quality of the PT interactions nor about the outcomes realized by the digital tools

AC Health was brought to their attention through a contact who had graduated from a startup accelerator run through the hospital system. After two meetings the Chairman of the Department of Rehabilitation and Human Performance was impressed by the personalization focus of the technology and its highly affordable cost. AC Health expected that the successful demo would lead to a referral to the TPN. However, the Chairman asked that the technology be piloted in his outpatient facility.