Personalize Patient Care: Pelvic Health Edition

Clinicians working with niche populations deserve health tech tools that are as specialized as they are. AC Health is the ultimate customization tool for specialty therapists. Let’s consider how the app can help PTs and OTs working in pelvic health rehabilitation.

Protecting Patient Privacy

If you’re a pelvic health specialist, you deal with a variety of sensitive issues when managing your patients: you regularly discuss topics ranging from toileting techniques to the ergonomics of sex. For many patients, these are extremely private and potentially embarrassing concerns, which makes maintaining patient privacy all the more critical.

AC Health is fully HIPAA compliant, and each patient uses a unique PIN code to log into the app and access their unique care plan. You no longer have to hand your patient printed instructions for healthy bowel habits in the middle of busy clinic, or worry about accidentally sending an email about vaginal dilators to your patient’s work account. With AC Health, you can record all home program instructions in the privacy of a treatment room and send them directly to your patient’s phone.

Create Your Own Instructions and Cuing

In addition to protecting patient privacy, AC Health offers the flexibility that pelvic health providers need. Most standard home program builders focus on orthopedic exercises and activities, many of which do not translate well to the pelvic health patient population. For example, it can be difficult to find images or videos that demonstrate exercises as subtle as an isolated pelvic floor contraction.

It’s clear that patients need precise instruction and specific cuing in order to properly perform pelvic floor exercises, and traditional HEP apps can’t meet this need with their stock photos and videos. AC Health allows you to quickly and privately record detailed instructions for specific exercises like these to ensure that your patient is performing them correctly from the start.

With the AC Health app, you can stop wasting time and energy sifting through generic exercise libraries, and focus instead on providing your patients with the highest quality pelvic health rehab. Contact us today to get started!