How AC Health Helps Personalize Patient Care: In-Home Concierge Rehab Edition

Concierge care models are on the rise in the rehabilitation space, and patients are increasingly interested in the convenience of at-home therapy services. Enterprising clinicians are taking advantage of the growth in both of these areas, offering cash pay home services for patients looking for the combination of convenience and expert-level care.

Whether you already practice as a mobile concierge therapist or are interested in breaking into the space, AC Health can help. The easy-to-use app allows you to reduce the supplies you need to transport, while simultaneously providing your patients more of what they want—your expert skills and advice.

Leave Handouts Behind

As a traveling in-home therapist, you don’t have the luxury of printing patient handouts from a centralized clinic office – you have to transport everything you need between locations. You’re probably already lugging around enough equipment; the last thing you need is a binder full of print-outs.

Some mobile PTs and OTs may resort to emailing patients stock photos or type-written instructions for their home programs, but this form of communication isn’t foolproof. Patients open only about 22% of healthcare-related emails.

Even if they read your emails, patients can easily lose track of your instructions in their overburdened inboxes. It can be difficult for them to track which activities you’ve removed from their home program and which ones you’d still like them to do.

The AC Health app solves these problems by allowing you to send customized home program instructions directly to a centralized location in your patient’s smartphone. You can easily remove discharged exercises, making it easy for patients to understand exactly what they should be doing each week.

Give Patients More of You

If patients are paying cash for you to travel to their home and provide 1:1 care, they expect a premium product. They’re paying up for a personalized experience with an expert: they want your guidance, not a generic handout.

AC Health allows you to record instructions and videos in your own voice: every time they open the app, your patients will be getting customized directions from you, even when you aren’t physically there with them. You’ll be providing the social support and cuing your patients need to stick with their home programs.

The Messages section of the app allows you to send your patients asynchronous messages of encouragement when they need a nudge to do their exercises. You can create secure text messages and record video instructions to clarify patient questions between appointments.

With AC Health, your patients will be receiving an elevated therapy experience, and you’ll be saving time and energy. Sign up for your free trial today to see how the app can help you grow and improve your concierge practice!