How AC Health Helps Personalize Patient Care: Hand Therapy Edition

If you specialize in hand therapy, you’ve invested thousands of hours in training and perfecting your craft. You regularly treat complex cases and help post-op patients navigate the confusion of splinting, wound care, and complicated post-operative precautions.

You deserve health tech that is as advanced and dynamic as your clinical practice. Enter AC Health: let’s consider how the app can help you simplify the instructions and education you provide your patients.

Simplify Complex Exercises

The exercises and home activities you provide your patients can be difficult to find in traditional orthopedic exercise libraries. Multi-step exercises like nerve and tendon gliders can be particularly frustrating to communicate via pictures alone, and this can leave your patients feeling confused and discouraged.

The majority of your patients will struggle to recall all the instructions you provide them, and most will require some form of external cuing to help them remember exercises and self-care guidelines.

The AC Health app is here to help: it allows you to take real-time video of your patient or yourself performing a complex exercise, complete with voiceover instructions. You can eliminate multi-part hand drawings and print-outs covered in arrows and scribbled instructions.

Record Important Self-Care Instructions

The education and self-care guidelines that you provide your patients are just as critical as their home exercise programs. Fortunately, you can employ the AC Health app for more than just exercise prescription. Some novel uses include:

  1. Recording step-by-step instructions to remind your patient how to clean and dress their post-operative wounds.
  2. Creating a video guide for proper donning and doffing of a custom orthosis or splint.
  3. Setting explicit goals with defined start and end dates so your patients understand their targets for each week of rehab.

Your patient’s understanding of their condition and the need for specialized treatment is key to their success in hand therapy, and AC Health can help you reinforce this knowledge. Sign up for your free trial of the app to start empowering your patients today!