How AC Health Helps Personalize Patient Care: Ergonomics Edition

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders are on the rise in the United States across many professions. The continued growth of the remote workforce during the CoVid-19 pandemic has created additional challenges for the management of these conditions.

Demand for ergonomics evaluations will likely continue to grow in the coming years. Whether you already provide ergonomics consulting or are considering branching out into this area of practice, AC Health can improve how you deliver education and track adherence to your recommendations.

Demonstrate Complex Adjustments with Ease

Providing ergonomics education is a unique process, distinct from traditional home exercise prescription. Orthopedic exercise libraries aren’t designed to provide the information you need to share with your clients.

Perhaps you are trying to demonstrate to your patient how the height of their computer monitor and keyboard affects the strain on their neck and wrists. Perhaps you’d like to teach a client how to improve their lifting mechanics to safely transfer large loads at a work site.

Most patients already struggle to recall the details of so-called “standard” rehabilitation exercises and often perform them incorrectly. They can’t be expected to recall more complex ergonomics instructions like these without explicit directions.

AC Health can help! The app allows you to create video and photo demonstrations of body positioning, equipment use, and environmental modifications to improve your clients’ ergonomics.

You can record demonstrations of incorrect movement patterns accompanied by the appropriate adjustments for each. Improved client understanding translates to improved adherence to your recommendations, and in the end, better clinical outcomes.

Increase Adherence to Ergonomic Recommendations

Poor adherence to treatment recommendations is an even-present concern for rehabilitation professionals, and those working in ergonomics consulting are no exception. Adherence to ergonomic instructions is generally poor in the working population.

Fortunately, novel strategies like the use of mobile applications can improve patient adherence in rehabilitation. Patients overwhelmingly prefer video-based instruction to paper handouts, and this preference is likely to extend to clients seeking ergonomic advice.

The AC Health app helps you meet these client preferences to improve adherence. The app’s video feature can be particularly helpful when providing services virtually: if you’re unable to demonstrate your instructions in person, video directions are the next best substitute.

The app’s messaging function allows you to quickly and asynchronously respond to client questions about their ergonomics between real-time consultations. For example, a client can send you a photo of their adjusted workstation and quickly receive your feedback on their set-up and positioning.

Improved communication leads to higher client satisfaction and better outcomes, and satisfied clients are good for your business. If you’re ready to improve how you deliver care as an ergonomics consultant, sign up for your free trial of AC Health today and watch your practice grow tomorrow!