*NEW* 2023

CBT Reimbursement for Therapists using Technology to Stay Connected to Patients Between Sessions

Have you heard about the Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) codes that reimburse you to stay connected with your patients between sessions?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapists are among the first therapists with access to this source of income — which also cover Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech/Language Therapy. All of these treatments require the patient to follow specific instructions between sessions.

The benefits of staying in contact with the patient between CBT sessions — monitoring adherence, answering questions, rewarding progress — has led to better outcomes in evidence-based research with various populations. Payers have chosen to compensate therapists who take advantage of these new technologies.

Do you currently hand out worksheets to your patients? If so, wouldn’t you like to get compensated for supporting their adherence? Now you can!

How can you participate? Simply by using a digital platform — app or website — that is HIPAA-compliant to deliver your patient’s reminders/worksheets and give them a place to record unproductive thoughts, and replace or reframe them with the prompts that you provide. As they engage with the tool, you are compensated for introducing the tool, for their usage and for your monitoring of their progress and their plan.

Intrigued? Let’s chat and I can answer questions and introduce you to AC Health. You can even try it out with patients for a few weeks for no charge to see how your patients respond.

As a patient myself, I developed AC Health to make it easy to remember what I needed to make progress with my treatment. Now, I’m thrilled that Medicare/insurance payers understand how helpful that really is!