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3 Steps to Prep New Patients for Their First Physical Therapy Session

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Rehab professionals who spend most of the day in a healthcare setting can often forget how overwhelming medical visits can be for patients. For many patients, just stepping foot in a medical clinic is a major challenge, fraught with concerns about what might happen during their visit, what it is going to cost, and fear that the treatment will involve substantial pain. A little upfront work can go a long way to reducing the worries of new patients before their first encounter with you. Let’s consider three steps you can take to make the first visit a positive experience for everyone.

A Therapist’s Simple Guide to Payment Structures for Their Concierge Care Clinic

By |2022-01-01T15:14:30-05:00June 14th, 2021|Independent Practices and Entrepreneurs, Simplify Your Paperwork|

As insurance reimbursement rates continue to decline and patient caseloads continue to increase in traditional insurance-based settings, it’s not surprising that interest in alternative practice models is growing among PTs and OTs. It’s natural to search for ways to offer the high-quality, effective care patients deserve without sacrificing income or the sanity of the

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