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4 Things I Wish I’d Known as a New PT Grad: A Physical Therapist’s Guide

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If you’re reading this article, you’re probably feeling a lot like I was as a new grad: a deer in the headlights, clutching your fancy new diploma while contemplating the myriad possibilities and pitfalls ahead of you at the start of your professional career as a physical therapist. Never fear! That feeling is more common than you realize. The fact that you are here shows initiative and a desire to learn in the hopes of avoiding the aforementioned pitfalls. While I can’t promise you won’t make mistakes (spoiler alert: You will! We all do!), I can offer a few nuggets of wisdom I wish I knew as a new grad.

Benefits of Concierge Physical Therapy

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What is Concierge Physical Therapy? Concierge physical therapy is a cash-based healthcare model. The most common form of concierge physical therapy is subscription-based. This means that, in exchange for a monthly or an annual fee, patients get unlimited physical therapy services during the subscription period. Another form of the concierge model is the package

3 Things Clinics Need to Know About Physical/Occupational Therapy Technology

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Technology is an integral part of our society, which is why it should not be excluded from the physical/occupational therapy space. It is important for therapy clinics to understand the benefits and applications of technology. Here are 3 therapy technology tips to help you grow your practice.

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