The Habits that Make a Successful Physical/Occupational Therapy Practice

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Physical and occupational therapy are fields that are constantly evolving; new research, new technologies, and new protocols emerge as the field advances so how does a PT or OT stay on top of their game and build a successful practice? They build good habits that keep them moving with the times. There is a

Physical Therapy Trends to Look for in 2021

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With the new year, there always comes change and new trends to pay attention to in the ever-evolving field of physical therapy. These trends are important because they are aiming to improve patient care, therapist job satisfaction, and patient satisfaction. Below we will take a look at some of the predicted trends for physical

The Benefits of Personalized Medicine

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Each patient that walks into the clinic is a unique visitor with their own set of problems and skills and each time they visit is a different experience. What may have worked one day for one patient may not be benefitting the patient the next visit. Personalized medicine in healthcare means that because healing

How to Measure Patient Engagement

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As the healthcare industry evolves, patient demand is increasing for value-based care from providers. Value-based healthcare is an emphasis on patients getting the full value from quality services and a push for preventive care. As the demand for value-based care increases so does the need for providers to accurately measure patient engagement. Patient engagement

Innovative Physical Therapy Ideas

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As 2021 approaches, it is time to start thinking about new goals and ways to innovate your physical therapy practice. This is a great time to incorporate new technologies or models of care to stand out in an oversaturated market. Clinics need to keep up with the latest developments and provide the highest quality

Benefits of One-on-One Physical Therapy

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In a traditional physical therapy model of care, the patient first meets with a physical therapist for initial intake and evaluation. This initial meeting includes range of motion measurements, functional mobility, balance, and possibly neurological screening tests depending on the area of injury. During this examination, the physical therapist will provide clear instructions on

Increased Telehealth Patient Engagement through Technology

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How Telehealth Increases Patient Engagement  A national consumer study among more than 2,000 adults to measure usage and sentiment towards telehealth, has revealed that 66% of consumers are willing to implement telehealth systems into their healthcare routine. This high adoption rate gives insight into the future of managing access for patients outside of a hospital

How to Utilize Digital Patient Engagement Platforms

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Digital Patient Engagement Platforms Digital patient engagement platforms are utilized by doctors and medical professionals to provide a more comprehensive service to patients. With tools like this, information is provided to patients at the click of a button from personal devices. This ensures that treatment can continue after the patient leaves the care of

Patient Engagement Ideas to Improve Outcomes

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Patient engagement benefits healthcare providers and patients alike. The more engaged patients are in their healthcare, the better educated they are about their health moving forward. It doesn't matter whether patients are registered with a solo practitioner, a large facility, or a hospital system; they need to be engaged to feel empowered about their

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