An Essential Checklist for Starting Your Cash Pay Practice

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There’s a lot of buzz surrounding cash-pay, particularly in rehab spaces, and with good reason: insurance reimbursements are decreasing and therapists in private practice are increasingly forced to see more patients in less time to compensate for these cuts. The stress of increasing patient loads has many providers across all realms of healthcare feeling burnt-out and dissatisfied at work. Many are now considering the cash model of practice as a way to treat their patients in a more holistic fashion without breaking the bank.

How to Reduce Cancellations & No-Shows in Your Clinic

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There’s nothing like an hour-long gap in the middle of your morning to completely throw off your flow. While no-shows and cancellations are annoying for providers, these missed appointments also have larger impacts on the clinic’s bottom line and the healthcare system as a whole. In this article, we’ll discuss the cost of cancels and no-shows to providers, patients, and the healthcare system and how to improve patient attendance.

6 Ways Missed Patient Appointments Cost You More Than Money

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We can all agree that missed patient appointments definitely cost every healthcare practice a ton of money. But, the impact of missed patient appointments doesn’t stop at the immediate loss of revenue. In fact, here are six more ways in which missed patients appointments are slowly but surely destroying your practice’s bottom line — including half a month of your time, decreased morale and productivity, and an increased risk of permanent patient drop-off.

Staying Safe as a Solo Rehab Professional

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The work-related injury rate among home health providers exceeds that of hospital workers by approximately 50%, and is nearly 70% higher than the national average for work injuries. In addition to physical injuries, solo rehab providers face the risks of unsanitary conditions in client homes and the chance of exposure to violence or inappropriate sexual advances from patients in any setting. We’ll analyze these issues and how to mitigate those risks.

What to Say When a Patient Says “Rehab Costs Too Much”

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It’s no secret that the cost of healthcare is increasing every year: national health expenditure in the US increased more than 4% each year from 2017-2019, and the American Medical Association calculated a per capita cost of healthcare of $11,582 in 2019. (1) It’s therefore understandable that many patients may be struggling to pay for all types of healthcare, including rehabilitation. Sometimes, however, patients may be using cost complaints as a stand-in for their real concerns about PT or OT. Let’s consider a three-step process to navigate discussions around cost and value to learn what your patient truly needs, and how to deliver it.

6 Psychology Secrets to Build Strong Patient Relationships Right Now [Research]

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We believe that every patient deserves to have an excellent, patient-centered therapy experience — whether they’re at their big clinic or with a small independent practice. So here are six, psychology-backed ways that you can start forming better patient relationships today that won’t break the bank or take any more time than a smile.

The 4 Mobile Medtech Features Your Patients Actually Care About

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An article appeared in the New York Times centered on this inspirational question: Who is technology made for? […] I can’t help thinking that it would be better for tech companies and us if they focused more of their energy and marketing muscle on what matters to the 99 percent of people who use technology. (1) You’ve seen this for yourself. So much medtech — particularly mobile medtech for independent or mobile therapists and healthcare providers — focuses on what the providers and therapists want. It lists features and advances based on what might make the practice’s life easier and better. And we absolutely agree: Making our healthcare providers’ lives easier is absolutely a priority. But let’s take a second here. Do you know what new medtech features your patients want? Do you know what they actually care about?

3 Steps to Prep New Patients for Their First Physical Therapy Session

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Rehab professionals who spend most of the day in a healthcare setting can often forget how overwhelming medical visits can be for patients. For many patients, just stepping foot in a medical clinic is a major challenge, fraught with concerns about what might happen during their visit, what it is going to cost, and fear that the treatment will involve substantial pain. A little upfront work can go a long way to reducing the worries of new patients before their first encounter with you. Let’s consider three steps you can take to make the first visit a positive experience for everyone.

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