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The Superpower of Pediatric Occupational Therapists

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Occupational Therapy "But my child doesn’t have a job!" It’s not obvious from the name of their profession -- occupational therapists -- how these incredibly talented therapists can support your children and improve their self-confidence and self-control. In fact, to truly understand the incredible range of skills that pediatric occupational therapists use every day

Large Hospital System Case Study

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A very large hospital system in a major metropolitan area has seen the demand for post-surgical and other related physical therapy rise significantly as the baby boomer generation remains very active and millennials spend billions on specialized fitness.

Multi-Location Case Study

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Committed to speeding up recovery rates, the company needs a technology that tracks the efficacy of exercise protocols to share with their therapist network. Aligned with their culture for serving highly successful athletes with limited time, the technology needs to be very easy to learn and to use.

Private Practice Case Study Customized Videos

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Dr. Brad W. has run a very large chiropractic and sports medicine clinic outside of Boston since 2002. He spent many hours recording videos of his practice’s unique exercises. However, he kept running into problems To prescribe videos for his patient’s home exercise program, he used a laptop during the session and show them where they were on the PHC website and write down the names which often got lost. Fortunately the AC Health App was able to provide a solution.

Private Practice Case Study

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CASE STUDY 1Private Practice: Faster Custom Video UploadsBrian E. PT runs a clinic in Connecticut that treats a diverse patient population. He believes that video instructions of his home exercise programs lead to faster recovery and better outcomes for his patients. The personalization also increased his referrals from orthopedists. However, he kept running into problems:Patients

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