How AC Health Helped Megan Increase Patient Compliance

The Challenge: Increase Patient Compliance

Vienna CounselingTherapist Megan MacCutcheon at Vienna Counseling had a “good” problem when it came to her treatment plans. On the one hand, Megan’s clients would happily do their mindfulness techniques and guided meditations with her during a therapy session. At home, though? Her clients admitted that they wouldn’t do them on their own, outside of therapy.

The delivery method for her home exercises didn’t help the compliance issue, either. Megan would give clients paper handouts or email printouts for their home assignments. Every time their “homework” changed, she’d need to give out new printouts and tell them which ones were “old” and should be saved for later.

(Good luck keeping all that straight!)

Patients weren’t the only ones having trouble tracking all of the homework paperwork.

“One of my problems is not remembering who I assigned what to,” Megan admits. “By the end of the day, I would be digging through old notes just to see which patients had what exercises.” As she was mulling through these issues, Megan started treatment with a local physical therapist who used AC Health.

As a patient, she loved how the exercises were right there listed for her, with video prompts and reminders. Could she use AC Health in her practice to solve her patient compliance issue? (Spoiler alert – Yes, she could! We’re thrilled to have you, Megan.)

Megan MacCutcheon, LPC, PMH-C

Megan MacCutcheon, LPC, PMH-C
Virginia, US

Megan’s Problem

AC Health’s Solution

Her clients admitted that they wouldn’t do their exercises at home, since they preferred her to walk them through their mindfulness exercises or guided meditations.

They wanted their therapist – not a piece of paper.

First of all, AC Health’s focus on custom video instructiontrumps any sort of paper assignment for auditory exercises such as guided meditations.

(It’s hard for a client to remember your verbal cues when they’re reading a print-out!)

The AC Health platform offers Megan a simple, easy way for her to instantly record and save the meditations and mindfulness exercises for each client to use again and again, increasing client compliance with their homework assignments.

She previously handed out all of her “homework” assignments through paper, leading to client confusion and misplaced exercises.The AC Health App does more than just give Megan’s clients all of their homework activities in one, convenient location.

As a provider creating custom Care Plans, Megan can assign her homework activities in the order she wants them to appear to the client, while “hiding” older assignments for use later.

She had difficulty remembering which assignments she had given to which clients, resulting in hours of lost time at the end of the day sorting through her notes to update client files.AC Health offers Megan an all-in-one solution for her patients and her practice – “It’s so nice to see it all in one place without having to dig back through old notes!” – saving her time and headaches.
Clients with more than one healthcare provider had to juggle more than one home exercise plan – which meant double the compliance issues!The clients Megan shares with her PT adore having both HEP and therapy homework assignments in one location!

Finally, our latest AC Health feature of printable Care Plans lets Brian quickly and easily document patient HEPs in their official files.

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