How AC Health Helped Dr. Holm & Lilian Holm Wellness

The Challenge: Mobile PT Helps Achieve Better Time Management

Lilian HolmDr. Holm was on the lookout for a custom exercise app that could help her – a mobile physical therapist – leave paper handouts behind forever.

She’d seen it all – Travelwork, HEP2GO, Medbridge, WebPT – and none of them could quite do what she needed her HEP app to do.

“No app really gets pelvic floor, and it was a pain to customize,” Dr. Holm explains. “It would take me hours to find an exercise that almost fit, then search for images online and write instructions. And, I still had to make handouts, anyway!”

While she could’ve recorded patients on their own phones, offering them cues and prompts in-session, most of her patients disliked being recorded in such intimate circumstances. “I needed to record self-giving instructions in a less invasive manner,” she says.

She threw out a plea for help to her Facebook mompreneur group.

Then, someone suggested she check out AC Health.

Lilian Holm

Dr. Lilian Holm, PT, DPT
Illinois, US

Mobile Physical Therapist

Dr. Holm’s Problem

AC Health’s Solution

She wanted to offer custom exercises without wasting hours searching generic libraries, written instructions, and ancient diagrams.With a tap in her custom provider Library, Dr. Holm can find any exercise she may ever need to assign to a patient.

And, if she needs something new? AC Health’s unique focus on custom exercises lets her record and save a patient-custom exercise in seconds.

She wanted to ditch paper handouts altogether as a mobile therapist.Thanks to AC Health’s mobile-first, HIPAA-compliant App, Dr. Holm now offers her patients an intuitive, paper-free experience.

They’ll never lose another HEP instruction again!

While she could have recorded patients during a session with their own phones, Dr. Holm says few of them wished to be filmed in such private circumstances.

So, she needed a “less invasive” exercise solution that helped her patients keep their privacy while still demonstrating the specific techniques.

Dr. Holm uses her provider Library to assign about 80% of her patient exercises. While pre-recorded, the videos feature her unique cues and instructions to contextualize the HEPs.

For any specific patient, all she has to do is quickly modify the basic instructions.

In seconds, their HEP is done before the patient leaves the room!

She wanted to give patients their HEP in such a way that they actually completed them – not just hand them a giant list.AC Health’s unique Care Plan system allows providers to re-order or “hide” old exercises from a patient’s view.

As Dr. Holm puts it, “I can pull exercises from my Library and – with just a few taps – move exercises around to prioritize the top two or three without patients feeling like it’s an endless list.”

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