How AC Health Helped Brian & Total Body Physical Therapy

The Challenge: Custom Video App

Total Body Physical Therapy
Brian Elmo, co-owner of Total Body Physical Therapy, believes in the power of personalized instruction and one-on-one care to heal patients with sports-related and orthopedic injuries.

At his practice, Brian would often record patients performing their exercises to help them remember how to do their HEPs later. But, the implementation of this (fantastic!) patient-centered policy left a lot to be desired.

Brian Elmo MPT, APT, CSCS

Brian Elmo, MPT, ATC, CSCS
Connecticut, US

  • Prescribing HEPs took a ton of time, and were impossible to adjust outside of in-person, regular sessions.

  • The videos weren’t able to be copied, and existed only on a patient’s phone. He had no way of adding the exercise to a patient’s file or otherwise keeping it for use later.

  • The videos took up memory on patients’ phones, who often deleted them before treatment was finished. If Brian wanted to bring back an exercise later in the treatment, he was forced to re-record the same exercise.

  • Any paper supplements to the videos on patients’ phones were often lost, meaning the latest instructions were no longer available.

  • Even with the videos, Brian found that they still weren’t doing the exercises correctly from home – if they even remembered to do them at all.

Hapier Patients mean more patientsAs Brian explains, “From a treatment perspective, if we spend time going over the same exercises, then that takes valuable time away from the manual treatments that we like to do.”

His patients were frustrated with the process and their own lack of progress… which could have been resolved if they just remembered to do their customized exercises!
And, as a small business owner, Brian had more than enough administrative overhead to handle without adding on an extra burden of patient HEPs at the end of the day.

Enter: AC Health, introduced to him by a client – our founder, in fact!

Brian’s Problem

AC Health’s Solution

Patients frequently lost their HEPs – whether by deleting them as “too big” videos, or simply losing the paper supplements.

And, patients couldn’t comply with exercises they didn’t have.

AC Health’s all-in-one App keeps a patient’s customized Care Plan, custom video instructions, and personalized Progress and Goals all in one place.

(No more lost exercise sheets in the bottom of a purse or backpack!)

Even better, AC Health’s secure cloud storage allows Brian and his fellow therapists to upload unlimited videos of any size or length to the App – without taking up a device’s memory.

Even with the videos, he had no way of knowing whether his patients were performing the exercises correctly.

The forced remedial work in-session left less time for specialized manual treatments.

AC Health’s secure, in-App Messaging feature offers unlimited one-on-one video, photo, and text-based messages between Brian and his patients.

Through AC Health, a patient can ping him any time with a quick selfie-video of their home exercise attempt. Then, Brian can reply back with corrections and encouragement.

All of the communication is done through AC Health, a HIPAA-compliant and private App. Brian can keep in touch with his patients without ever giving out his personal cell number!

As their prescribed videos fell further and further down the photo roll on their phones, patients simply forgot about their HEPs, lowering compliance and slowing outcomes.The patient-centered Exercise Reminders in AC Health help a patient schedule their exercises when it’s convenient for them – not Brian!

This automatic alert then helps them stay compliant, day after day.

HEPs were difficult to customize in both patient video and paper formats, and even harder to record in patient files for future reference.First of all, Brian can now use his unique provider Library in AC Health to pre-record his most common exercises, then quickly customize the sets and reps for a specific patient.

Boom – instant HEP!

And, with just a tap, Brian can prescribe, re-order, and “hide” exercises for a patient’s custom HEP – both in session and remotely. That way, as Brian says, he knows that “the exercises are done correctly and in the right sequence.”

Finally, our latest AC Health feature of printable Care Plans lets Brian quickly and easily document patient HEPs in their official files.

The AC Health Results

  • Better, Faster Outcomes

  • Increased Referrals
  • Passive Marketing Solutions

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