We are really enjoying the AC Health App and the patients are, as well!

Allison Schulte, Synergie PT

Your app looks absolutely wonderful, just what I was looking for! I’m so excited to try it out and use it with patients.

My patients love the personalized exercise plan and visual reference of their program. [The] AC Health App is a game changer for patient compliance and ease of doing PT.

Amy McMillin, Custom Care Rehab

I am loving using the ACHealth App! It has really helped to keep me organized. One of my problems historically has been not remembering who I assigned what to, so the App has been helping me keep track with everything all in one place. I can easily see which exercises each client is working on without having to dig back through old notes.

Megan MacCutcheon, Vienna Counseling

Using AC Health has been a game changer for issuing home exercise programs. My patients absolutely love it and tell me how great it is to not have to look for their exercise handouts. Also, the fact that the exercises are personalized videos makes them much easier for the patient to understand. Love this app!

Cindy Weinberger, Mobile Therapy Group

It is a cool product! The creator is a former patient. So, it is created on what she wishes she had available.

Barbara Ingram-Rice, Healthways for Life

AM LOVING THE APP – thank you!!! I really believe this is revolutionary!

My patients love it!

Yes I am really loving the app! You’re amazing for creating it and making it work so well for the patients, which are who matter most!

I am loving this app and so are my patients! I’m using it on every one who has a smart phone! It’s amazing! I actually get irritated by the ones who prefer exercises on paper now!


Definitely check out AC Health. I have been using it and the patients love it. Way more customizable and unique compared to all the other HEP programs I have used.

I have to say I’m pretty impressed with this! I feel like my sessions are smoother without me having to look for a generic exercise.


I just had a zoom meeting demo with AC Health app and absolutely love it!!!! Hands down the best thing I’ve seen. And easy to use.

Case Study: Dr. Chelsea Harkins at Dallas Pelvic Health2021-08-12T15:34:18-04:00
Case Study: Dr. Lilian Holm at Lilian Holm Wellness2021-08-12T14:47:42-04:00
Case Study: Marni Larkin at Gyrotonic Manhasset Physical Therapy2021-08-25T11:16:30-04:00
Case Study: Megan MacCutcheon at Vienna Counseling2021-08-12T15:29:21-04:00
Case Study: Brian Elmo at Total Body Physical Therapy2021-08-12T14:32:47-04:00