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Navigating your therapy practice can be difficult. AC Health’s Blog is here to help. We are here to offer you information on the latest in patient engagement, research the business of running a clinic, and more. We not only will give you the facts, but help you understand them in today’s world where headlines are changing every day.

The Patient-Provider Relationship

Clinicians intuitively understand the value of developing strong relationships with their patients. The research supports this intuition: patients who have a therapeutic alliance with their provider demonstrate better clinical outcomes, and satisfied patients keep coming back. Learn how AC Health can help you build better relationships to improve outcomes and grow your business.

Healthcare Directories: Why You Need Them and How to Make Them Work for You

Elsewhere on the blog (link to Preparing for First PT Session), we’ve discussed the importance of having a robust online presence as a healthcare provider: the vast majority of patients search for online reviews for a provider to whom they have been referred, and roughly 60% of patients will choose a provider who has positive reviews over one who has none. (1) One key method for optimizing your digital presence as provider is to make use of pre-existing online healthcare directories.

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring: Your Guide for Coding Changes in 2022

CMS intends to debut five new Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RPM) codes in January 2022, allowing physical therapists and possibly other rehabilitation providers to bill for the time they spend monitoring and analyzing patient data collected from in-home medical devices. These new codes have the potential to expand telehealth and hybrid care offerings in the rehabilitation space, increasing the accessibility and convenience of rehab services for patients and maximizing revenue for outpatient practices. Learn how remote therapeutic monitoring can improve patient adherence and outcomes in your practice.

New PT’s Guide: Measuring & Improving the Delivery of Patient Care

Leveraging technology to improve the patient experience and the care you provide. Some basic forms of health tech such as electronic medical records are so ubiquitous now that you may take them for granted, but they can significantly streamline the way you deliver care – provided you’re using them to their full potential.

4 Ways Technology Must Improve Post-Pandemic Class Communication

Covid-19 accelerated the adoption of technology within the school system at large — that much is clear to everyone. What isn’t clear, however, is how well that technology managed the vital, human communication necessary for effective education in the absence of face-to-face contact. Read on for what the latest reviewed research says your next communication platform must have to jumpstart a true hybrid education solution for schools and students everywhere — without the panic of a pandemic!

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Valid Reasons to Terminate a Patient from your PT Practice

Elsewhere on the blog, we’ve discussed the practical and clinical reasons to suggest that a patient should pause or stop physical therapy in 5 Reasons to Stop PT. However, we haven’t yet considered the darker side of this conversation: what happens when a patient’s behavior makes you and your colleagues feel unsafe? In this article, we’ll discuss several situations in which you may need to terminate a patient and the steps to take in this process.

An Essential Checklist for Starting Your Cash Pay Practice

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding cash-pay, particularly in rehab spaces, and with good reason: insurance reimbursements are decreasing and therapists in private practice are increasingly forced to see more patients in less time to compensate for these cuts. The stress of increasing patient loads has many providers across all realms of healthcare feeling burnt-out and dissatisfied at work. Many are now considering the cash model of practice as a way to treat their patients in a more holistic fashion without breaking the bank.

How to Reduce Cancellations & No-Shows in Your Clinic

There’s nothing like an hour-long gap in the middle of your morning to completely throw off your flow. While no-shows and cancellations are annoying for providers, these missed appointments also have larger impacts on the clinic’s bottom line and the healthcare system as a whole. In this article, we’ll discuss the cost of cancels and no-shows to providers, patients, and the healthcare system and how to improve patient attendance.

New Telehealth Research: Best Use Cases and Current Limitations [2021]

The increased use of tele-health services during the Covid-19 pandemic has led to an explosion of research on the topic, with some providers, including rehabilitation professionals, questioning its efficacy and feasibility. (1) Today, we’ll delve into the currently available research to consider what telehealth in 2021 can and can’t do for providers and patients in the rehab realm.

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